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Club Membership

Club Membership 

Why not become a club member of Canine Performers for an annual fee of £15 payable in February each year.

 The fee will entitle you to discounts (as specified) on :-


 Discounts on Organised Canine Performers KC HTM Shows

 To obtain a membership form click on attachment   

Canine Performers Membership Form

If you have any further questions please contact Louise on 

tel: 01322 668955


The more events you attend at Canine Performers the more you save

Canine Performers Points System

I have organised a points system to inspire you to do well with your training, points can be earnt in lots of different ways and at the end of the year you may also be eligible for a trophy at the annual Christmas Party which takes place at Longfield in mid December.

Don’t worry if you don’t win because the top EIGHT on the points system will be invited to take part in a FREE 3 hour workshop towards the end of the year at West Peckham . My way of saying Thanks and Well Done.

The Points System

Take part as a handler on an organised Canine Performers

Training day.                                                                                                      1 point


Take part in an organised Canine Performers Display                               3 points


Pass information that turns into a Canine Performers display

at either a School, Nursing Home, Fun Dog Show

or Fete.                                                                                                         1 point


Volunteer and help out behind the scenes at an organised

Canine Performers event or training day i.e. help set up hall,     

organise tea and coffee, organise lunch, check in music, car            2 points

park duties, organise running orders, play music, tidy up after    

an event 


Move Development Scheme

Garnet Award                                                                                  1   point

Opal Award                                                                                      2   points

Pearl Award                                                                                     3   points

Topaz Award                                                                                   5   points

Zircon Award                                                                                   7  points


Tricks Assessment

Level 1                                                                                             2  Points

Level 2                                                                                             4  Points

Level 3                                                                                             6  Points 


Progress Awards

Pass                                                                                                1  point

Merit                                                                                                3  points

Distinction                                                                                      6  points


Enter and participate in a fun show                                           1  point


Enter and participate in a Kennel Club competition or

Paws N Music Additional Classes competition                        4 points


Be placed at a Kennel Club competition or Paws N Music

Additional Classes competition between 5th and 8th place     5 points


Be placed at a Kennel Club competition or Paws N Music

Additional Classes competition at 3rd or 4th place and be

awarded points (If no points awarded then deduct 2 points)   7 points


Be placed at a Kennel Club competition or Paws N Music

Additional classes competition at 1st or 2nd place and be

awarded points (If no points awarded then deduct 3 points)     10 points




The points system will be put onto Canine Performers Website so that you can keep up to date with your Individual progress and will be updated regularly. If I miss something then just SHOUT!!


The system will run between 1st January and 15th December and will be based on one dog and one handler (so if you have more than one dog you will have different running totals for each dog).  


In addition I will be awarding some Trophies this year for CLUB MEMBERS for


Most Improved Handler of the year

Most Improved Dog of the year

Best Performer at Shows

Most Helpful Club Member

Points Winner

Best Routine of the year


Remember I have six training groups at the moment at


  • Ashdon
  • Colchester
  • Deal
  • Ipswich
  • Longfield
  • West Peckham


So these awards could go to any of the CLUB MEMBERS from any group. These awards will be given out at the Christmas Party night at Longfield on Friday in December and you will have the whole year to try and achieve one.





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